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Beatrice, Andy, Ellen and Wells Must Stay Together, anti-deportation campaign

We’ve been asked to support an anti-deportation campaign called Beatrice, Andy, Ellen and Wells Must Stay Together.

beatriceBeatrice is from Malawi and the government wish to return her there despite the fact she has married an English man called Andy.  Both are committed attenders at their local church.

Since Beatrice Botomani, her daughter, Ellen, (17) and her son, Wells, (13) came to the UK from Malawi, they have lived mainly in Leeds. They are very enthusiastic and committed members of the congregation at Christ Embassy church and both Ellen and Wells attend the City of Leeds School.

Beatrice married her British husband, Andy, in June 2008, but they have been unable to find suitable accommodation near the childrens’ school. Although it has been accepted that their marriage is genuine, Andy’s ability to support his family financially has been called into question, an issue that could easily be resolved by allowing Beatrice to work.

Beatrice, Ellen and Wells spent over two months in detention earlier this year, during which time they were deeply traumatized. They felt like criminals when they were forced into a caged van for the journey to Yarl’s Wood IRC.

There is an on-line petition at which I encourage you to go and sign.

We know from our campaigns for Moses and Prossy that the kindness of strangers in taking a few minutes to sign a petition goes a long way to support the person under threat of removal, encourages them to see that many in our society take a different view to the Home Office on such matters, and it makes a difference to the case itself.