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Social Event for the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, 17th April 2009

ladyjustice_greenandgold1Duncan writes: The Unit is holding a fund raising concert and disco on Friday 17 April at the Chorlton Irish Association Club, 17 High Lane, Chorlton, M21 9DJ. It starts at 8pm and runs till 1am.

We have held these concerts before and they have always been very well received, so it promises to be really enjoyable evening. There will a performances of Salsa dancing, music from Gambi), Poetry and Stories, Chinese Songs and Sword of Chinese Martial Art, African Jazz, Salsa dancing and disco. Snacks will be provided during the evening.

The performers are giving their services free and the Irish Club are not charging for our use of the room. Therefore, all the takings (except for the cost of food) will go towards supporting the GMIAU. The cost of admission is £6, with concessions at £5, inclusive of food so it is excellent value. This is payable at the door (though I hope to have tickets available beforehand).

We need two things please. Firstly, we need people to attend and bring all their friends, loved ones, relatives and anybody else they happen to bump into, so as to create a really good atmosphere and raise ticket money. Secondly, we need raffle prizes so would be very grateful for anything donated.