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Prossy Kakooza CAN stay in the UK

Prossy akooza was granted asylum in the UK on Friday 17th October, 15 long months and 3 court cases after first applying.  She is now able to live, work, and study in the United Kingdom on the same basis as any UK National for the next 5 years.  After this, she will be allowed to apply for permanent residence and then citizenship.
Prossy has been amazed at the level of support from people including: 

  • 5200 people from countries, and church congregations, from all over the world who have signed her petition to the Home Office asking that she be allowed to stay.
  • 100s of people who have written or emailed the Immigration Minister.
  • The 80 members and friends of Metropolitan Community Church, Manchester who have supported her with their love, prayers, money and concern.
  • The 19 friends who went to court with her and helped her collect signatures on her petition at Pride festivals all over the country.
  • The 10 friends who gave evidence in court on her behalf.
  • The 3 amazing lawyers who drafted and prepared her cases (Ruth Heatley from the Immigration Aid Unit and barristers Mark Schwenk and Mel Plimmer)
But most of all the one person who has seen through this ordeal with quiet dignity, humour even in the darkest moments, and faith that all would be well – Prossy herself.
She writes: 
Dear friends:  I get to stay!!  Am still in shock, and am so sure it’s going to take days to sink in. But I have not stopped smiling since 12:00pm today, and won’t stop for a while.
I went with my friend Gwen and am so glad I did because when we left I was in a sort of daze!  When this woman handed me the paper and said, “You have been granted leave to remain” my jaw nearly hit the floor. Always the pessimist, I thought this was where she told me “but the Home Office is appealing”.  So Iasked if they were and she said no they were not.  I had a bit of a hooray shout when we got out – couldn’t contain it.
You have held me together, you have held me upright when all I wanted to do was roll up in a heap and give up.  You gave me the motivation to go on and fight!  Going with me to places to collect signatures, encouraging people to sign online, coming to meetings, writing statements, going to court with me, and most importantly – all the prayers.   And I don’t think you have any idea how the phone calls, texts and emails help.  They kept me sane. 
There are no appropriate words I can use to say thank you.  All I can do is pray to my God to bless you all.  You have changed my life and for that I will forever be grateful. THANK YOU!
Lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses,